I just ordered it off of amazon and I havent been sucsessful to connect to my ps4 1 time yet. I followed youtube videos on how to properly do so and also refered to the user manual on the cronus software also and still unsucessful. The part it gets stuck at is when it has to pair the device to the cronus max because I am trying to connect wireless. I also tried wired and didnt work. The device I have is a cronus max plus my controller is a scuf impact DS4. I followed the manual instructions and I did everything right its just at the part it has to pair the controller to the cronus max and when I do the share button and ps button it just blinks and then it eventually stops, where as a successful attempt at that would change to solid color after a few seconds and on the cronus max led screen it will change from flashing A and U to flashing a 0 or a number and mine doesn't do ether of those things because its not pairing to the cronus device. If anyone knows what I am doing wrong it would be awesome cuz I just bought it and it hasn't worked yet and I'm trying to see if it gives my aim an advantage in games like fortnite and cod.