Hello All,

First and foremost, i want to thank the makers of the CronusMax/Controller Max. I bought the older version years ago, had a hard time with it, eventually figured out what i was doing, and have ever since been hyped on the product. Proud owner of the CronusMax+ now! Needless to say it has saved my hundreds over the years not having to constantly purchase new wheels. That and i love my G27 so i never wanted to change.

The question I have may seem silly but it's more relating to an annoyance I have with running multiple programs. The Logitech G27 is only supported by the old Logitech Software program. This always seemed a little silly to me as the G29 doesn't really do much extra in comparison. I was curious to if the CronuxMax could trick my pc into thinking I was running the G29 so setup, tuning, etc... could be done through the new Logitech software. I have a Logitech keyboard, mouse, and headset that run through the new software so I figured it'd be great to just be able to do this all in one program vs having old and new running. I know the device can trick a PS4, which I use frequently, so tricking my PC would rock and make things all the easier for me.

Thanks in advance for the assist and sorry if this truly is a dumb question/undoable thing,