1. What racing wheel you are using: TX458 Italy, last firmware updated.
2. What pedals, handbrakes, shifters or add-ons you are using: nothing.
3. What console you are using: PS4
4. What game you are using - include any in-game settings: F1 2019, standard settings.

Hi everyone, after having listed the features of the steering wheel and the console I'm using, I'll explain the problem: as long as I used F1 2018 everything worked perfectly. Since I took F1 2019 I have not been able to use the steering wheel: at the beginning there was no force feedback, then I updated the drive hub and settled down. But now, after the update, the drive hub works only for about 30 seconds, after which it turns off and the playstation no longer sees the steering wheel.
Do you have any advice?

Sorry if my English is not so good, I'm form Italy.