I've noticed that to get my rev lights to work on my F1 2018 LE wheel, in F1 2019. I have to launch the game, and when I'm on the track. I have to unplug the DH, and shut off my wheel base, and then plug the DH back in, and turn on my wheel base. Then my rev lights will work again. If I close out the game, and relaunch it, my rev lights won't work. I have to do the same thing as I mentioned earlier to get them to work again.

Also, I don't have a way of knowing if I'm in either Fanatec mode or Fanalogic mode, as I don't get an F or L displayed on the wheel or on the DH. So I'm not sure if I'm in the wrong mode.

I have the DH updated to the latest driver, which I believe is beta or something like that.
Fanatec Base is a V2.5 updated to 656
Motor should be the latest, which is 22
F1 2018 wheel should be the latest, and that is 28