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Topic: DF2ch pewgf timing

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    DF2ch pewgf timing

    Hey i was wondering if someone would help me with the Timing of kazuyas df2 ch PEWGF

    ive been trying to figure it out for like almost 2 hours now but i do not seem to get it with the script manipulator since iam pretty new and just cant get the timing so if someone could help me or send me the converted combo it would be nice thanks

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    it either does it way to fast after the df2 or it does it like 1 million times in 1 second

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    @ks1212 Would appreciate you guys's help too

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    Re: DF2ch pewgf timing

    Check out my Kazuya script, it already has 5x EWGF as a combo. If you're trying to understand PEWGF, TheMainManSWE has a pretty good video on it on Youtube.

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