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Topic: Mortal kombat 11 - Scorpion (Searing rage) Pack

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    Mortal kombat 11 - Scorpion (Searing rage) Pack

    Hey guys, this is my first script. I faced a lot of issues making this one seeing how i'm utter sh*t at combos and I had to guess the wait times inbetween inputs. after 3-4 days I finally got it to work properly.

    I'm fairly new to MK games. I have been a fan since the 90s but haven't really played it till just now. Scorpion has always been my favorite but to my disappointment I realized he doesn't have crazy Vortex combos like he did in MKX, so most of his combos requires meter burn.

    This script contains 3 working combos from both directions (simply press the D-pad towards your opponent to tell the script you switched directions)

    RS_right is a 2 meter burn
    RS_UP is a jump attack, short but good
    RS_LEFT is a 1 meter burn.

    If this gets enough attention then I'll try to add fatalities and krushing blow combos.

    Please test it and leave any suggestions or criticism below. I'd love your feedback as this is my very first script. And I only got the cronusmax last week.

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    Re: Mortal kombat 11 - Scorpion (Searing rage) Pack

    I'll try this out and post results thanks.

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    Re: Mortal kombat 11 - Scorpion (Searing rage) Pack

    Thank you, please feel free to give me any criticism. This is my first script and I am still learning.

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    Re: Mortal kombat 11 - Scorpion (Searing rage) Pack

    I ll test too :-)

    Thanks for your job.

    If you want to test another, what do you think about Nightwolf (new character, so there is nothing yet)

    For me, best (simple and enough) scripts are:

    - D-Pad change direction

    - 4 combo on RS like this:

    1 meterless
    2 with 1 meter
    1 with 2 meter

    If possible (depend on character), 1 with a low startup and 1 with an overhead

    ==> That's the best for beginning and you ll make a lot of people happy

    Thanks a lot

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