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Topic: Logitech Driving Force support on Ps4?

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    Logitech Driving Force support on Ps4?

    Hey guys,

    I still have my old Logitech Driving Force wheel. The regular version, not Driving Force GT/Pro. See image below.

    I absolutely love this wheel because it has an awesome lap mount, and for some reason nothing similar has ever been made again despite it working perfectly (if I'm wrong please point me to a suitable replacement wheel for on my lap!). The wheel works fine on my PC, but not on the PS4.

    Can I connect this wheel via USB to the CronusMax and use it on the PS4? And to its full potential (force feedback)?

    Hope you have an answer. Thank you!


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    Re: Logitech Driving Force support on Ps4?

    we cant support this wheel.. its USB 1.1 and too slow to keep up with what the PS4 is sending, and incompatible with a lot of it....

    there is a driver in the DriveHub for it but its not for it... All wheels that followed the DF start as a DF and switch to there native move i.e. G27 etc.

    so that may give you the appearance of it working but it isn't...

    The MadCatz Xb1 Pro had lap mounts bu they went bust..

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