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Topic: script help.

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    Unhappy script help.

    ok i got script maniplator to work for me but i now i can't find out how to make the combo work for the opposite sides. example: lets say im playing street fighter and im ryu and i fire a hadouken from the left side of the screen buy pressing down forward punch, now i jump over my opponent now im on the right side of the screen facing left and i press my button but now it's act as down back punch insted of down and forward punch , how do i keep the combo the same on both sides?

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    Re: script help.

    Quote Originally Posted by goku100055 View Post
    ok i got script maniplator to work for me
    If you're using Script Manipulator it should already determine forward and backwards. If you have converted your script to data format.

    determine back and forward looks something like this.

    Here's a video tutorial

    How To Make A Fighting Game Tutorial

    Justframe is using MK11 as an example but thier all work the same.

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