I've just received my drivehub today and tried to connect my Driving Force GT to my PS4 without success. I connected as per the online guide on, and connected to 'controller' port 1. Switched on the PS4 and the wheel completed it's auto calibration but doesn't work and the drivehub displayed the figure '8'. I found some solutions saying to connect to the rear USB port, but my PS4 slim doesn't have any. I also updated to the latest stable firmware but this made no difference. I then tried to connect the controller to port 1 (after selecting USB connection for the controller within the PS4), and the wheel to port 2, then switched on the PS4 and the drivehub displayed dfgt then '0' and then completed the calibration but still didn't work.

I've tried with F1 2018 (the only game i have at the moment as I've only just updated to the PS4), from what I've found it should work with this game, but also should it work in the main menu of the PS4?

If someone can advise what i'm doing wrong that would be greatly appreciated.