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Topic: Rainbow six siege X-Aim Mouse And Key Xbox One

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    Cool Rainbow six siege X-Aim Mouse And Key Xbox One

    hello fellow X Aimers I was wonderin who had any good mouse and keyboard settin for the xbox one

    ones that are smooth as close to pc feel as possible thanks

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    Xbox Rainbow Six Seige X-Aim Settings:

    Hi I have done extensive research and testing on using X-Aim on xbox Specifically rainbow six seige. i have found that the below settings are optimal. The only downside to these settings are that the extremely small mouse movements on a pixel level don't pick up smoothly, but on the other hand these settings allow for the most responsive and PC feel than any other and in my opinion they are the best on this whole forum.

    In game sensitivity:

    Y: 100
    X: 100
    ADS: 60
    Movement deadzone: 8 (most responsive without drift) (up if you still experience drift)
    Right stick deadzone: 5 (most responsive) (up if you experience drift)

    X-Aim Mouse settings:

    Smoothness: 0 for both (Most responsive and most accurate mouse movements)
    Stick Size: Maximum (147 i think) (allows for most control in game)
    Acceleration: 0.250 for both (best for muscle memory (flicks and tracking accuracy(important for Rainbow Six Seige)))
    Sensitivity: 22 for both (This combined with the script i have pasted at the end works best for me with a light mouse)
    Deadzone: 0 for both (most responsive for flicks etc) (most accurate) (least input delay for mouse movements and normal movement)

    • Common misconception is that the controller settings in xbox itself has an impact. this is not true
    • You will get banned for using MNK. This is not true as to the game it looks like your using a controller as the inputs are as controller inputs.
    • The only way you can get banned from seige is if someone shows footage to seige with you clearly using a mouse and keyboard or if you admit to it in xbox chat or ESL chat. so dont be stupid

    USE THIS SCRIPT ALONGISDE X-Aim: The script below minimises stutter and allows the best movement in game and control of your character. without this you can not 180 turn smoothly in one mouse movement and movement is a pain in the ass. trust me when i say to use this script. I have modified the script so it works for XBOX. if you wish to use it with PS4 then Change XB1_RX to PS4_RX and it should work smoothly with everything else the same format.

    • to use this script, navigate to the GPC compiler and copy the Image below into a new GPC template and click the compile button
    • Then navigate to X-Aim and with the GPC compiler open on the script go into x aim settings and click load GPC script


    Attachment 7207

    main {

    if((get_val(XB1_RX)) > 69) {
    set_val(XB1_RX, 100);
    if((get_val(XB1_RX)) < -69) {
    set_val(XB1_RX, -100);

    (Sorry if its the wrong format for GPC thats why i attached an image)

    • The above script allows movement to be much easier and genuinely has transformed the way i play.
    • I recommend that you integrate this into all of your other scripts you would like to use alongside X-Aim

    If you have any further questions drop a reply to this post and ill do my best to get back to you ASAP

    i aim to be the go-to person for any XBOX enquiries and Rainboow six seige questions

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