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    Exclamation Zafina - Tekken 7 Season 3

    Ok, finally done. Here's a script for Zafina. This one took a bit longer than expected as she's a stance character and I've been tossing ideas for how to actually use these as to be completely honest, her neutral outside-of-stance game is pretty weak. Of course, a script isn't going to teach you how to play the game but I at least hope it'll give you a rough idea of how to actually learn some mixups rather than just lean completely on the script.

    Also note, ALL COMBOS IN THIS SCRIPT WILL SWITCH SIDES. Its like Noctis where his most powerful ender causes a sideswitch. Using any other ender is not only sub-optimal, it GREATLY sacrifices damage (and doesn't look as cool :P).

    RS Up: d/f+2...f,F+2 > S! > u/f+1 > f+2,3,B > b+1:1+2, 69 Damage: Generic d/f+2 launch combo

    RS Right: u/f+4...f,F+2 > S! > u/f+1 > f+2,3,B > b+1:1+2, 72 Damage: uf4 hopkick launch. This one has an INCREDIBLY tight window between the hopkick and the Gilgamesh Buster. There is absolutely no way to loosen the timing. Occasionally it is going to drop, and there's nothing to be done. I've trimmed the timing as much as possible. I could have made a weaker combo that does not use the f,F+2 after the hopkick, but then its a case of why even bother as the 2nd best option is weaker than the RS Up combo.

    RS Left: iWS2...d/f+2 > d/f+1 > f+2,3 > SCR 3+4 > S! > b+1:1+2, 68 Damage: Instant While Rising 2 launcher.

    RS Down: CH 1+2...iWS+4 > d/f+1 > f+2,3 > SCR 3+4 > S! > b+1:1+2, 75 Damage: COUNTER HIT 1+2 launch. This combo will only work if the first hit lands as a Counter Hit. The idea with this is if someone's getting a bit too close for comfort, you can fish for a CH and tell them to get off. If the first hit does not land as a Counter Hit, stop the combo.

    R3 Press: Universal d/f+1 > f+2,3 > SCR 3+4 > S! > b+1:1+2: Universal combo, nothing special. Should be usable after almost every launcher.

    L3 Press: RD... f+3,B > S! > u/f+1 > f+2,3,B > b+1:1+2, 84 Damage: Full Rage Drive combo, as it says. It actually comes out pretty damn fast so don't be afraid to use it.

    L1 will perform f+3,B..step..SCR 4...step, and stop. This is a short sequence that knocks down and then knocks away, then closes the gap by one step putting you effectively one character distance away from a knocked down opponent, thus giving you strong oki and leaves you in Scarecrow Stance (SCR). From here, you have the following mixup combo options:

    L1+Square: SCR df3,3 D...MNT d+3,1 > MNT d+1,4 > S! > dash u/f+1 > b+1:1+2, 69 Damage: This combo starts with a double low and transitions into Mantis Stance to continue the combo. If the first hit is blocked, you can still allow the 2nd hit to be performed but after that, stop the combo.

    L1+Cross: SCR d/f3,3...WS+3 > SCR d+3,3,B > S! > dash u/f+1 > b+1:1+2, 74 Damage: This one also starts low, but then immediately goes mid. If the opponent is blocking low only, it will crush mid and cause tailspin. Alternate this combo with the L1+Square one for mixups. If the first hit is blocked, let the 2nd hit come out... ONLY stop the combo if the 2nd hit is blocked.

    L1+Circle: SCR 4,B...3 > SCR d+3,3,B > S! > dash u/f+1 > b+1:1+2, 74 Damage: This one is just ****************ing bullshit nasty. Standing 4 from SCR is a MID POWER CRUSH, meaning it has ARMOR. In fact, this is basically the core of Zafina's gameplay. Scarecrow stance is by default the best stance to hold due to the fact that her d3,d3 hits low twice, and her d+33 hits low then crushes mid if its blocked. Using these two kick moves, you can condition the opponent to block low, and then stick out a 4 to send them flying for a combo. That is the general idea behind these mixups. Use the above two combos or just use a lot of d3,d3/d+33 to condition your opponent to think you're going to go low, and once they start blocking low, use this combo. You're going to get a LOT of nasty hate mail online if you use this right.

    L1+Triangle: (SCR d+3)3,B...S! > dash u/f+1 > d/f+1 > f+2,3,B > b+1:1+2, 72 Damage: Like the above, this one is another nasty mixup combo that uses d+33 (low, then mid).

    With these 4 face button combos, and just manually using her d3,d3 or d+33, you can basically wreck anyone. If you feel that your opponent isn't falling for any stance shenanigans, don't start the combos. Let go of L1 (you will remain in SCR stance) and manually play, or press 1+2 to get out of stance and restart the neutral.

    L1+R1: (TRT 4)3...d/f+1 > f+2,3 > SCR 3+4 > S! > b+1:1+2, 21+59 Damage: Ok now we are getting into the nastier stuff using Tarantula Stance. These combos are high risk high reward. In fact, the entire purpose of this combo being here is so you can hopefully mix up enough to land the one below. The sequence opens with d+33 as a knockdown. As always if the 2nd hit is blocked, stop the combo and get out of dodge. After the knockdown, Zafina will pounce into Tarantula Stance and leave you right next to the opponent. You have to actually be careful here as this is the weakness of using this stance; There is no way to combo INTO the stance, like Scarecrow or Mantis Stance... so unfortunately using these sequences are a massive risk. This one is timed to be 'slow' enough to hopefully **************** over anyone who is wakeup happy. It SHOULD beat out any wakeup counter option. If the opponent rolls to the side or rolls backward as a wakeup, stop the combo.

    This combo exists only as a Tarantula Stance mixup so your opponent doesn't realize that you only have one real weapon, below.

    L1+R2: TRT 2...u/f+1 > u/f+1 > f+2,3 > SCR 3+4 > S! > b+1:1+2, 82 Damage: The real weapon of Tarantula Stance. This is the highest damage combo in this entire script, and it comes with a huge downside; The launcher is SLOW AS **************** and MUST be done from Tarantula Stance. Like above it opens with a d+33 to knockdown, then Zafina will pounce into the stance. From here you have to wait and see if the opponent just wakes up in neutral. If they do, they'll get hit by the launcher. If they wake up any other way...side rolls, back roll, counterattack... you're going to get hit. Extremely high risk, but huge damage if you can land it.

    I'm going to say it straight: If you just try to land the above 2 Tarantula Stance combos right off the bat with no conditioning play, you are probably going to get your shit rekt straight up. The stance itself is extremely powerful, so learn what the buttons are in the stance BEFORE you use combos. You can enter the stance manually by pressing d1+2. Get an idea of how the stance plays then you will understand how to mix up.

    The Stance combos in general are NOT for anyone who want to faceroll and win. If that's what you want to do, don't even bother with them. Stick to the normal combos on the Right Stick. They require you to actually put in a BIT of effort in learning how to mix up an opponent MANUALLY first before anyone will fall for it. The face button combos can probably just be tossed out there, but good luck with the TRT stance ones.

    NOTE: All the L1 combos require you to HOLD L1 to keep the combo going. Letting go of L1 will stop the combo. You only need to tap a face button to start a combo, not hold the face button, or R1/R2.

    Side swap is done by tapping left or right on the Dualshock 4 touchpad. If you don't want to use this method, the other options (L3/R3 and Left/Right) are commented out in the side switch section. Just comment out the Touchpad option and uncomment the one you want to use.

    Script contains all of justframe's usual movement options, including doubletap back to KBD. Many thanks to him as usual for his template.

    Script made on PC, for PC Version... Timed for VSYNC OFF. Most of the combos should work on PS4 except probably the RS Right one but as usual YMMV. I don't have the PS4 version so I can't help you.

    Also, anyone who tells me the script is 'broken' coz combos drop online is going to be given a very large list of things they can go suck.

    I will be very gradually/slowly editing my scripts for Season 3.

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