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Topic: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

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    Cool [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    Finally finished this... This script literally did my frigging head in execution wise and caused me so many headaches I was seriously considering charging money for it. That's how hard this was to frigging do... All of Kazuya's new stuff is all completely reliant and dependant on the Electric Wind God Fist, which as we all know is a Just Frame input. If I had to rate my actual execution for performing EWGF properly, I'd put myself at around 60% of what TheMainManSWE can do and that's being generous... maybe 50% of his ability to nail EWGF consistently, and he's been chaining EWGF's for 21 frigging years.

    This entire script was me recording my execution and then cleaning up timing, so you probably have an idea of how hard it was to do. I nearly gave up for a bit it was just that difficult and time consuming.

    But! Its finally done! So, features!

    RS Up = DORYA! DORYA! DORYA! bap...BAM! (S!) ...hup...bapbap...DORYA!
    RS Right = BAM!... DORYA! DORYA! bap...BAM! (S!) ...hup...bapbap...DORYA!
    RS Left = BAM!...fzzzchch!... STEP!, wubbawubba DORYA! DORYA! ...DORYA! bap...BAM! (S!) ...hup...BAM!

    RS Down = COUNTER HIT BAM!... DORYA! DORYA! bap...BAM! (S!) hup...bapbap...DORYA! (This is a counter hit combo, if it wasn't obvious :P... If the first hit does not land as a counter, stop the combo)

    RS Press = DORYA! DORYA!...DORYA! DORYA! bap...BAM! (S!) ...hup...BAM!
    L2 Press = BAM!...fzzzchch!... STEP!, wubbawubba DORYA! DORYA! ...DORYA! bap...BAM! (S!)... RAGEDRIVE!! (Yes, this is a Rage Drive combo :P Same as RS Left but just ends in Devil Form)

    LS Press = CDS4,1 into Rage Drive ending in Devil Form. Quick safe transform if you're looking for one... Or you could just manually transform I guess seeing as that's actually safe now. This was from Season 1 days when Devil Transform was not safe so you always had to Rage Drive instead for a safe transform. Its pretty redundant now in Season 2 and 3 but its here if you want it.

    L1 Press: DEVIL KAZUYA COMBOS Hold L1 and tap a Face button to start a combo, let go of L1 to stop combo. You do not have to hold the Face button. Note all the Right Stick combos WILL WORK for Devil Kazuya as well, these are all Devil EXCLUSIVE combos. Do not use them as regular Kaz!

    L1+Square = BAH!... bap, bap... DORYA! bap...BAM! (S!) ...hup...BAM!
    L1+Cross = DORYA!...spin~bop...BAM! ...BAM! bap...BAM! (S!) ...hup...BAM!
    L1+Circle = DORYA!, PEW!...BZZZZZZZZZZZZT! ...BAM! (S!) ...hup...BAM!
    L1+Triangle = bap bap!... DORYA! ...DORYA! DORYA! ...bap...BAM! (S!) ...hup...BAM!

    L1+R1/R2 = Pimpologist's MOSTEST FAVORITEST scrub moves that I facepalm.jpg at him constantly for adding to my scripts. Guess what they are! :P I only added these because an IRL friend asked and FFS I made him buy me food for it! You can use these as regular Kaz too. Also if you use these I am officially calling you a scrub :P

    ...What? You're expecting the actual notation like I usually write you say? They're commented in the script... I'm allowed to have fun damnit! Screw all of you! Bite me! :P

    Script of course features justframe's movement tech and also MUCH thanks to him for his aid in creating the sidestep left/right variables. The RS Left combo would not be possible here without him so give him thanks too guys!

    Swap sides with left and right on the DualShock4 touch pad. If you don't like this or don't have a DualShock4, the other options are commented out in the script like my Zafina one. Comment out the touch bit and uncomment the one you want.

    This is easily the largest script I've made to date, 75% bytespace used... sheesh.

    I'm also going to say straight up this is most likely (definitely) not going to work online due to the ridiculously strict timing windows... which is good. I heavily dislike the idea of people using scripts online anyway especially in Ranked. I can't stop anyone from trying, but I can say if it doesn't work then tough shit. I couldn't care less.

    Script was of course made for the PC version with VSYNC OFF. Due to the tight as **************** timings this time round it probably won't work on PS4... If it does, then huge bonus!

    I'm going to take a break for a bit before updating any others but guaranteed none of the other new shit is going to be as difficult as this script was.

    PS: Before anyone asks, the Counter Hit combo is NOT the fabled df2 CH just frame PEWGF high launch. I tried scripting that one and it was only possible in GPC format because data format does not allow the use of timing that is not a multiple of 10. This is a limitation of the CronusMax firmware and until the devs address this, there is nothing I can do. The timing delay was literally something like 22 or 23ms, and even if you enter it as 2.2 or 2.3, CronusMax will ignore the decimal when actually processing thus throwing the just frame completely off. Shame, I actually had a 4x EWGF counter hit combo scripted for 119 damage but meh, them's the breaks. The damage in this script is still, for all intents and purposes... ****************ing ridiculous anyway. Absolutely everything is in the 70-90 damage range so I'm quite sure you guys will be fine.

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    Re: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    hahahah! this looks fantastic!!

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    Re: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    My goodness, what a masterpiece. Appreciate all of your hard work mate, hope you all are doing well. Best of luck to you all in season 3

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    Re: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    Went back and read this again. lmao i laughed so hard, dude you are hilarious.

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    Re: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    Almost as good as the Johnny Cage one, made me laugh! Thanks for the hard work

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    Re: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    Amazing Work
    No word for this

    Thanks for these hours of pain...

    I ll check for changing 1 thing: swap side (with L3/R3)
    If someone can help for this, it ll be much appreciate but i can't no try for myself after all of this work

    As the game often says:


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    Re: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    Thank you so much for this!

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    Re: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    thank you so much for this dude!

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    Re: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    @KS212 Is there any chance you have a simple script just for PEWGF? I would like to be able to perform it with PS4_R1 (for right side) PS4_L1 (for left side) I've tried to cut parts from scripts to make my own but haven't been able to replicate it in working form. I can do manual EWGF, DEWGF, WD, KBD ect just fine but having access to 1 button PEWGF would be very nice. LOL

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    Re: [TEKKEN 7] Kazuya Mishima - Season 3: DORYA! Edition

    Wait a sec, you can do EWGF manually and you can't do PEWGF?!?

    PEWGF is literally just forward, neutral, down-forward+2... its EASIER than EWGF...

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