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Topic: CronusMax plus+DFGT / Game: The Crew

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    CronusMax plus+DFGT / Game: The Crew

    Hello! I'm a mommy in trouble and going a little nuts with CM+ and my son's wheel DFGT. Installed everything perfectly, on CM+ when connected to PS4 shows "0". The buttons on the wheel work OK thru the PS4 menu, get in the game but when it says "press any button to start" the wheel's buttons don't work except PS button that lets me go back to PS4 menu.
    It's really frustrating because everything went perfect. I have 1.24 version on CM+. Could it be the game that it's no compatible?
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: CronusMax plus+DFGT / Game: The Crew

    Sorry you've not gotten any response here. I have been away from this forum for a while, but decided to check things out this evening... and maybe can offer you some help.

    The Driving Force GT is not a standard PS3 controller like the Dual Shock 3 gamepad, so you cannot get it working on the PS4 by merely plugging it into the PS4 via the Cronusmax Plus. You'll need a compatible USB hub to get it properly working.

    There's detailed info on connecting force feedback steering wheels to the CM+ within the CM+ manual:

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