Hi Guys,

This is an awesome product, I can say this coz I could make Fanatec hardware work on PS4. (PS4 is extremely limited in what they allow you to use :/) So I went to XBOX to have the CSW v2.5 in game selection.

I for one hate being forced to use a PC or a licensed wheel, I enjoy the console as a PC is just too much hassle.

I do have great hardware for the console and most sim racers will tell me I should build a PC, I really don't want to I work offshore and when I come home I like to know I can use top end hardware and go sit behind a massive TV and not have to deal with windows and all the issues that comes with it and of-course staying up to date with CPU / GPU

The XBOX one X is enough and will never fail me. stick in the disc and go.

I have ordered:

Playseat F1 PRO
Clubsport v2.5 Base
Clubsport v.3 Pedals
Formula Carbon Rim


I Would have loved to get the Podium DD2 but I see Drivehub wont support this, so I tried to get the nicest alternative selection!

So the golden question here to you will be since I am rebelling against not getting official licensed wheel like forza ext ext.... ?

Yes I know the wheels I purchased will work with Drivehub BUT will the Base and pedals behave like it would have with the official wheels? Will I have all the functions and FBB setup the games have to offer for the licensed hardware. All that is different I went for the non limited XBOX rim collection but all the nicer PC ones!

Particularly interested in /

*BMW GT2 internal vibration, will I have that?
*Vibration on the clubsport v3 pedals ?

I hope this questions don't sound stupid and maybe it can help someone with a future search. Calling all pros to give me some feedback on what to expect when I plug the base into the drivehub instead of into my XBOX ONE X.