I've been using the DriveHub with a G920 on both an Xbox One X and a PS4 Pro. The DriveHub is running the latest firmware 2.0.4-beta.17. Upon startup, DriveHub says it is in race mode and correctly shows G920 as the wheel.

Using DriveHub with Xbox and Forza 7, F1 2019, and Project Cars 2 -- the FFB is great. No problems.

However, when used with PS4 Pro and GT Sport the FFB is very weak or "floaty" in comparison. Very little details in the surface. I can hear the tires skidding but feel nothing in the wheel. I can crank the torque but get some clipping with larger kerbs, but overall this seems inconsistent.

I saw another thread on this forum where users were describing the opposite scenario -- a G29 feeling weak in Forza 7 on the Xbox.

Has anyone else had this? Can it be fixed? I'd like to keep this setup, but plan to return the DriveHub and buy another wheel if this can't be fixed. Thanks.