I have 2 questions before deciding to buy this product, one for the community and one for the team development.

For community :

Have a TX Wheel for the Xbox one actually and am near to upgrade it with a Load Cell mod for T3PA pedals (~100€), but/or i hesite to buy the CSL Elite Pedals LC from Fanatec with the DriveHub to connect it to my TX Wheel for my Xbox one.

My question : is DriveHub hemulate a TRUE 1:1 Force Feed Back compared to a wheel directly connected to a console ? Specialy for thoses who connect there TX or TS300 to PS4 and Xbox One

For the team development :

The new consoles will come in about 1 year, i own 2 cronusmax since 2013 and play w
ith them thosedays so good rentability, so i wouldn't to buy a DriveHub for only 1 year so my question is : Will this DriveHub be compatible with the new PS5/Scarlett by a firmware update ? Or will you make a new one for next gen ?

PS : Will it be possible to use GPC scripting with DriveHub or to connect it with Cronusmax in the future?

Thanks for your responses !