Just wished to let everyone here know that I love the DriveHub, and it works perfectly for me and my rather strange setup.

(Don't worry I will post pictures as soon as I can get my setup going again this afternoon, (Its portable, trust me... ) after I help my wife with other things firstly.)

I had actually told a dear friend of mine about the DriveHub and he ordered it and tested it on his gaming rig consisting of a custom racing seat, wheel and petal set. (Think it was a G29 Logitech Leather model, unsure of the exact model.) He wasn't happy with the feeling of the missing FFB and not able to play Forza Horizons 3-4, and Motorsports 7. Tho as far as I know the DriveHub HAD worked perfectly with Project cars with FFB and everything perfect, so that was a plus.

He had sent me one of his spare wheels and the DriveHub to see if I could have better luck with it.

The wheel is an OLD (2005) Logitech GT for the Playstation, and I have a borrowed Xbox1 alongside my own Xbox1s with a faulty CD drive.
The seat is a brand new Playseat Challenge with Nascar branding, new from Amazon.

Hooking up the DriveHub was a breeze, just had to follow the directions 'exactly', and everything worked. Much to my pleasant surprise.
The game was Forza Horizon 3, and the wheel with the solid mounted shifter worked well, I just had to use the same button layout from my xbox1s corded controller for the DriveHub, and it worked great.

As far as the advanced settings in game for degrees settings and the FFB were listed, they all worked as well. I didn't go too far in the settings as I am not that quite well versed in those settings. I did adjust the FFB and the wheel travel to 180* each direction, nothing too drastic.

(A small note, I had never driven a wheel before in any game before on my home systems, just a controller on all my games, so this is a very new experience with me.)

Bottom line, the FFB and petals and even the shifters worked great, the shifter itself and the shift paddles on the back of the wheel as well.
Going to Project Cars next, everything again worked perfectly, but wow the FFB was WAYYY too strong. The wheel nearly tore my hands off at the wrists. That would have been rather messy and would have gotten my wife mad.

Now for the strange part, I did try a workaround with another controller and my headset plugged into another USB port on the Xbox1s, but the Drivehub and wheel setup had rendered the other controller and headset unusable since the Xbox1 had chosen only to use the Drivehub and nothing else. I reached for my IPhone to message my friend who sent me the DriveHub and the wheel, when my IPhone 11 dinged, and shown a message from my friend in the XBox1 message/game chat. (Look for the Xbox app in the Apple Apps store...) I had installed the Xbox1 chat messenger in case I was out with the wife somewhere and I wasn't home on the Xbox1...

I had looked at the options on my IPhone 11, and the chat itself and seen there was a 'headphone' option for the chat. Clicking on it had connected my Iphone to the online message system on my Xbox1 account, and it worked, altho my friend said it was rather strange I was chatting with him loud and clear thru the Iphone and into his headset....) I'll try to recreate the steps needed in a later edit in case anyone wants to chat with friends as they share the game on Xbox. I am not certain if the same work around works on the PS3 or PS4. Your mileage may vary.

Cheers to everyone,
your friendly Gryphon

1 Corinthians 15 : 1-4