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Topic: Guide to running Zen Studio on macOS via Parallels

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    Guide to running Zen Studio on macOS via Parallels

    If you would like to know some information on my System and the version of Parallels that I am running, you'll find it at the bottom.

    When you first install and run the Parallels app, the setup process starts automatically preparing to create a VM (Virtual Machine) and walks you through what it needs you to do, it does most of it for you. After the setup is completed it will ask if you want to “Use Windows from Boot Camp”.

    If you skip the Boot Camp option, or you don’t have Boot Camp set up, it’ll ask you if you want to “Download and Install Windows”. That’s the simplest of the two, it just takes a little more time. Parallels downloads Windows, completely installs it, and installs Parallels Tools all at once. The only thing it doesn’t include is a Windows License.

    Attachment 6806Attachment 6799

    Use Windows from Boot Camp:

    If you decided to “Use Windows from Boot Camp” you will need to install the “Parallels Tools” software in the Virtual Machine. (I don’t recall whether it told me to or not.)

    There are a few ways to do this, one option is to click the yellow caution sign on the far right of the VM’s Title Bar and then click “Install Parallels Tools” from a short list that appears. The second option is to click “Actions” on the Menu Bar and click “Install Parallels Tools”. If the tools are already installed “Reinstall Parallels Tools” will be shown instead and the Caution Sign will not be there.

    Attachment 6804

    Verifying Settings:

    When the setup is finished, you may want to verify a few settings. Check the PVM’s Configuration, in this case it’s ‘“Boot Camp” Configuration”.
    To do this, first open the Parallels Control Center, this can be done a couple of ways, the easiest would probably be to Right click / hold Control and Click with your Mouse on the “Parallels Desktop” Icon in your Dock.

    Attachment 6803

    Click the Cog/Gear Icon and select Options inside the PVM’s Configuration.

    Attachment 6802

    Make sure “Share Mac user folders” is ticked, then click on “Configure…”.

    Attachment 6797

    You can tick any of the “user folders” that you want, I recommend “Desktop” and “Downloads”.

    Attachment 6801

    This will make it much easier locate and access the ZenStudio files that you downloaded via your Mac’s Web-Browser and open it inside the Windows VM.

    The Zen and other USB Devices:

    When you connect your Zen (and other devices) to your Mac while the VM is active you should be asked where to connect it. Select your Windows VM. You can tick remember my choice if you’d like.

    Attachment 6805

    If you are having problems with your Zen connecting to your VM or you want devices to connect to your VM automatically, you can configure the VM to do so.
    In the “USB Connection Preferences” change - “Ask me what to do” to “Connect it to the active virtual machine”

    Attachment 6800

    You can also permanently assign the devices.
    Click the +, then select the Target Device and Machine (Mac or a VM). You'll need to double click the names or the editing pencil to show to dropdown list. The editing pencil will show the "Devices" dropdown list, pressing tab will switch it to the "Connect To" list.

    When everything is ready, your files are downloaded, and the Zen is plugged in, you launch Zen Studio like you would on a standard Windows PC.

    Launch/Open the program and you should be good to go.

    Attachment 6807

    Attachment 6808

    System Info

    macOS Catalina
    Version: 10.15.1
    MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018)
    Processor: 2.6 GHz 6-core Intel Core i7
    Memory: 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
    StartupDisk: macOS
    Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB / AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20 4GB

    Parallels Desktop® 15 for Mac
    Home Edition
    Version 15.1.2 (47123)

    This is my first time doing something like this. I didn’t realize how difficult it could be, determining the words I'd use and what to include was tough.
    I hope that it turned out okay and proves useful for anyone who needs it.
    Feel free to let me know if there is need of any further details. I’ll do my best to help when I can.

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    Re: Guide to running Zen Studio on macOS via Parallels

    Great, thanks SirSaywer

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    Re: Guide to running Zen Studio on macOS via Parallels

    Awesome, thanks!

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    Re: Guide to running Zen Studio on macOS via Parallels

    Parallels works great and tested VMware Fusion in combination Windows 10 also on MacOS, Zen Studio and firmware update tool works also flawless with the new Zen.

    So for Mac users you can both use Parallels and VMware Fusion to run Windows and use the Zen software.

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    Re: Guide to running Zen Studio on macOS via Parallels

    I have a problem when i want Download a PRO PACK like Warzone pro for example, i have an "error" when i want put on my CronusZen. And say " freeze" error.

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    Re: Guide to running Zen Studio on macOS via Parallels

    Could you give any more details?
    Are you running Windows 10 in the Virtual Machine? Are you using Parallels or are you using something else. Do the error messages say anything else?

    Some screencap/screenshots could be useful too. Two of the default macOS screencap key-binds are Command-Shift-3 (for full screen capture) and Command-Shift-4 (to select and capture selection).

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    Re: Guide to running Zen Studio on macOS via Parallels

    when i want saving, message fail error appaear and not "Succefully"

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    Re: Guide to running Zen Studio on macOS via Parallels

    Have you tried saving any of the standard GamePaks to your Cronus Zen?

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