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    Question Thrustmaster TMX Pro

    Just decided to buy a wheel for racing instead of using controllers. I was looking at the TMX Pro since most of my games are on my XBox One S, but I do have a few favorites on my old PS3.
    I've searched the forum but the only thread is just over 18 months old, I know the Drive Hub will work from Xbox to PS4 but will it let me use the TMX on my PS3 as well or should I get a T150 Pro and use the Drive Hub to have it work on the XBox? I understand they are basically the same wheel so I was leaning toward the TMX only becasue the majority of my games are Xbox based.

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    Re: Thrustmaster TMX Pro

    I have a TMX PRO also, I bought a drivehub so I could use it on my PS3. It works great. Have had it 3 weeks. FFB and everything is very good. Just make sure the firmware on the wheel is up to date. Current version is 11. Also make sure the drivehub has the latest firmware and you should be good to go. You'll love the pedals with the TMX Pro. They are well worth the extra money. Updating the firmware on the wheel is easy, about a 10 minute process. Steps are in the wheel manual or online at Thrustmaster's site.

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