So apparantly ppl actually want this, heh. Well, Merry Christmas.

Not going to say too much. Combo notation is in the script. Right stick has your usual combos all updated for S3. The new stuff is all done with L1+face buttons, but will take a bit of practice. L1 will do 2,f+1 MAX 2,f+1, dp1+2 S! and STOP. AFTER Geese lands, keep HOLDING L1 and press any of the face buttons to continue the combo. The timing is EXTREMELY lenient but you can't just mash it out, so practice a bit. Don't press a face button while Geese is still in the middle of the EX Moonslicer, wait until he lands AND FULLY RECOVERS then press a face button.

Thanks once again goes to justframe for his base template and usual movement options. Includes doubletap back to KBD.

Swap sides with left or right on Touchpad. If you want the other options they're commented out in the script. Just comment out the touchpad section and uncomment the one you want. Note that L3 and R3 have combos assigned to them so if you want to swap sides with L3/R3 you'll have to remove these combos.

Script made on PC, may or may not work on PS4 YMMV.