I just got the DriveHub and was looking forward to using my G29 set with my XBox One X and it appears to be somewhat working in as much as I can navigate the XBox menus with the steering wheel buttons but once inside a game (I've tried FH4 & FM7) the game just registers a hard left turn from the wheel regardless of the wheel position although the pedals appear to be working. This is also true of the in-game menus such that, when trying to navigate the menus it always scrolls over to the left most option. I can force the selection to the right but as soon as I release the button it automatically scrolls back to the hard left side.

I've updated the firmware of the DriveHub and my XBox controllers. I've tried many different cables and power-up configurations but nothing has helped. I'm hoping this is just some in-game calibration that I'm not aware of or something similar because it doesn't seem like I'm doing anything unusual with this product. I'd really love to get this working so any help is greatly appreciated.