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Topic: TM Ferrari 458 Italia (PC/Xbox 360) - No Steering Input

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    Question TM Ferrari 458 Italia (PC/Xbox 360) - No Steering Input


    I have a TM Ferrari 458 Italia (PC/Xbox 360) edition wheel, and I recently purchased a DriveHub in order to use the wheel on my Xbox One S console. I updated the DriveHub firmware to the latest version, and checked it was set in race mode before powering it off.

    From researching the DriveHub I know it relies on an XB1 controller for it's security code, so I purchased a wired XB1 controller from PDP. It saves taking the battery out from the original wireless controller, when using it with the charge cable from the XB1 plug & charge kit to the DriveHub.

    With the XB1 fully off and using the PDP controller with the included cable, I connect the controller and wheel to the DriveHub following the instructions exactly. When I connect the DriveHub to the XB1 it starts in race mode for 2 seconds then changes to a solid "0".

    Navigating the XB1 home screens with the wheel, the main buttons, shift paddles, and "Engine Start" D-Pad work fine. I downloaded demo versions of Forza Horizon 3 & 4 for testing the wheel.

    I can tell the DriveHub is working somewhat when starting the demos, as a wheel layout for MS Wireless Wheel appears showing the default controls. When driving a car the buttons and pedals work, but I have absolutely no steering input at all when turning the wheel. Despite the wheel not being used for some time, I know it last worked fine on my XB360 console.

    Could the no steering issue be because DriveHub needs to stay in race mode? If so I wondering the following:

    A) I need to source a "data only" micro USB cable for the PDP controller to connect to DriveHub.
    B) My TM Ferrari 458 Italia wheel isn't fully compatible with DriveHub.

    I also tried connecting the wheel to the main controller port on the DriveHub, the wheel powers on however the XB360 connect button keeps flashing, no button inputs work either. I'm aware this is due to no XB1 controller being connected for the security code.

    Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards.

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    Re: TM Ferrari 458 Italia (PC/Xbox 360) - No Steering Input

    Just guessing - have you been gone into the options area and confirmed a wheel profile is associated with your configuration?

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