What your seeing is this combination in action
1) XIM4
2) PS4 controller V2
3) PS Navigation controller (wireless)
4) Logetich G502 Lightspeed (wireless)
5) CronusMax +

What you see is me move the the cross hair around the head of the target then start shooting using rapid fire and the FAST JERKY MOVEMENTS of the ADS which makes it unusable. I then go side to side. What appears to be happening is that the auto fire is throwing off the movements.


I asked many times, including sending a message to one of our excellent moderators/administrators about if there is a way to smooth out mouse movements on the XIM 4 software app for IOS in the same way that the XIMAPEX has a robust advance user option for mouse movements. I can't use the XIMAPEX combination because you need a PS4v1 controller and while I do have one, it has connection issues.

Any advise?