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    Joker Script

    This is my second script yes probably still not great you may have to tweak it this is for Clown Prince Variation for Joker

    L1+Square = a midscreen combo this combo starts with a leap towards the opponent= 7 Hits =246.54 DMG

    L1+X =Combo High Start up with immediate overhead so dont worry if you miss first strike= 9hits= 260.79 DMG

    L1+Triangle= High Start Up =261.48 DMG

    L1+Circle= Corner Combo =10 Hits=309.29 DMG

    L1+R1= Batsy-Poo Spam (can be enhanced)

    L1+R2=Puppet Parry Spam (Can be enhanced)

    R Stick Down =Batsy Pew Pew Spam (Can be enhanced)

    All Combos use one amplified move but will work regardless of meter it will just be the unamplified version

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