Recently I have bought a drivehub device and I want to use it with my PS4 slim.
I have a G920 (wheel, pedals and shifter) and a thrustmaster handbrake.
I don't know how to use the drivehub device.

This are the steps I do, but with no luck:
1) start ps4 from power button
2) having dualshock controller shutdown, I connect it to the drivehub to controller port
3) connect the wheel to the drivehub on the wheel port
4) connect the handbrake to the accesory port.
5)connect the drivehub to PS4 using the provided.
The result is:
-dualshock controller gets lighted
-wheel gets very hard to use, i can turn it to left or right very hard ( I suppose this is ok), the xbox led is lighted too

-drivehub device displays a 0
Question: which button/buttons should I press to be able to use the wheel?