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Topic: Xbox One Controller on Ps4

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    Xbox One Controller on Ps4

    Hey. I really need help with the CronusMax Plus. First I connecting everything and I have 2 scripts on my stick but after I’m playing with my Xbox One Controller on my PS4 my controller is disconnecting after a period of time. I set every thing like other people does it in there video. Same with the scripts. I have 2 scripts but after I put the stick into the PS4 I can switch the scripts after 5 seconds. Only before the 5 seconds it’s working and after that my CornusMax plus is saying „R“ and after that „U“ and it’s switching every time. But it’s not saying a number like 0, 1, 2 because I have 2 scripts. I really need help and would be great if we can talk about the Problem on Xbox or Ps4 or here in the forum.

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    Re: Xbox One Controller on Ps4

    So your device display "A" and "U" => read #8

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