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Topic: Cronusmax stopped working

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    Cronusmax stopped working

    Was working fine had it set up with scripts had no problems for about a month.

    Then few days ago put cross platform scripts etc etc so I could use a xbox controller on a ps4 via a 2.0 USB Hub.

    Now I want to use my xbox controller on my xbox and xbox does not auth the controller. My Cronusmax will stay Green without any blinking. I can change it to slot 1 or 2(slot with my scripts saved) but my xbox controller will not function AT ALL when plugged into the cronusmax.

    Also did a factory reset on the cronusmax via the guide proved how to do so and after the factory reset and reloading the scripts back on the cronus (minus the crossplatform scripts) and it still does not work. Any ideas what it would be?

    I use the cronusmax on pc btw

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    Re: Cronusmax stopped working

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