Hi, I have been using the cronusmax plus for over an year now and its has been working perfectly uptil a few days. So what happened is that my cronus is not detecting my ps4. It displays the standby animation with top dot whenever i connect it to the ps4. I have tried everything instructed on the manual such as firmware update and factory rest etc. It still has the same problem. Please guide me on how to fix this issue. When i connect the cronusmax plus to my laptop, the standby animation fades and the script number shows up but the top dot is still there. I have checked my usb ports they are perfectly fine. A while back my cronusmax usb output got a bit loose and cronus occasionally started to disconnect so i even had a new usb output installed today thinking it would fix the issue. Is there some specific usb output which connects cronus to ps4 or any can work? If this is the case please let me know to get it changed again.