Alright so I've heard this is an issue that people without CronusMax has had some years ago which supposedly got fixed by MS in an update. However I'm thinking this got to have to do with my CronusMax as I only seem to get the problem after using the device for a short time. I have 2 Xbox's (Xbox One S and Xbox One X) and 3 controllers, the problem appears no matter which controller I use to connect the CronusMax. It can either be that when I'm in the menu, I want to navigate to the right and after pressing a key once it jumps 3-4 steps, it can also be that I can't move downwards, it just keeps wanting to go up. Interestingly, even if I have a second controller plugged in normally, that one will have the same problem if I use that instead of my keyboard. Though the problem never appeared if I don't have the CronusMax plugged in at all. This is frustrating as I have to restart everything and plug out the CronusMax to be able to use the menu or dashboard on the Xbox again. Playing games is never an issue which is weird. I have the latest Xbox updates, latest firmware on my CronusMax and latest CronusPro.

If this is an inappropriate place to post this topic I'm sorry!

Oh and thanks in advance for any help, it's much appreciated.