Hi All

First I want to say thanks for a great product that meant I didn't have to go out and pay silly money for another wheel set up!

I've read through lots of posts and was able to set everything up so I could use my G27 which was awesome.
So now, I'm trying to 'tweek' the settings to make the use of my wheel more realistic but I am failing!

The first real problem for me seems to be that I only have to move the wheel a fraction and the car on screen goes nearly full lock!
I have tried various settings within Forza 7 but they don't seem to have much of an effect? (if any?)
Does anyone who has experience with this have a solution?

My second question is reference using the buttons on the steering wheel itself and is there a way to set/map them to do what you want/need?
I've read some threads that touch on it but maybe I'm too old but don't understand what they're referring to?

I've noticed that not a lot of questions get answered in here so hoping someone will be able to help???

Many thanks,