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Topic: MKX GamePacks: Some combos broken, can someone check it out?

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    MKX GamePacks: Some combos broken, can someone check it out?

    So I've had your product for a long time it seems every time I ask for help I get shunned or get beat around the bush answers in which I ask questions and my post gets deleted.

    There is no where else to post this since you seem to have no "Game Pack Support Topic" for this game.

    MK X

    Here are the ones that do not work I have fully tested them online in the ranged of 50-120 MS match environments. I have also tested them VIA single player practice, 1v1 and towers.

    I am posting this because I was asked too

    1. DLC PACK, Tanya, predator. "note predator has been busted since day one I bought my CM well over 2 years ago
    2. PACK 1, kotal kahn, kano.
    3. PACK 2, Raiden, kung lao
    4. PACK 3, sub-zero, scorpion, lui kang,
    5. PACK 4, jacqui briggs

    that's 10 out of 25 almost half that do not work with zero effort to fix them. I also posted about this well over a year ago in which Excalibur replied he would look into them and fix them.

    Wheres the fix? where's the "Game Pack Support Topic" for said Game pack?

    All I see is nothing but shooters with copy paste scripts I have been asking for well over a year with nothing but cold shoulders and confrontational Admins

    I would like a reply that is not patronizing or condescending from an admin

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    Re: Lets try this again and see what happens

    Batts is a well respected and much liked developer and member of this community, and I ask that you be less aggressive in your posts. No one is paid here to help you with mods on the forums.

    GamePacks are made by community members like him for free. They give hundreds and hundreds of hours of their time to help guys like you. Cronus is a community product, you're not paying for the scripts or gamepacks, you're paying for the hardware and the ability to access all this. You see combative admin, I see guys who do this as a hobby being spoken to like they're employees, so a natural reaction may possibly be a little dry. We do tell you that when you sign up here so please take that into account in future, ok?

    What I do know is if you have a problem with a pack you have to post a detailed report to it's support topic.

    However, this particular game doesn't have a dedicated topic and perhaps who you you speaking to didn't know that because it's not their pack and out of 165 packs, only MKX doesn't have a dedicated support topic because there's an entire forum dedicated to fighting games so that's where you'd ask for help on this one.

    There's multiple fighting game script sections here. I know you know that because you've posted in a number of them already. This is the one for Mortal Kombat

    Also, no one is deleting your posts, and I also don't see any history of anyone being disrespectful to you.

    I'll get to your question about MKX.

    This is quite an old pack and the truth is the dev who was in charge of making the combos stopped being involved as he was too busy (falconpunch)

    The problem with mods like these is that the game mechanics change with every update so a combo that worked perfectly on release will most likely get patched at some point.

    I know we'd like to get a pack for MK11 done as that gets requested, but as I explained it changes so often, it's difficult for the writers of the packs to keep on top of it as much as they'd like, that's why many if these mods are now in gpc script format as opposed to gamepacks here in the forums and in the library, so if the pack stops working you have access to newer versions in the gpc library.

    I'd be happy to have someone look at updating this, and it's true because it's quite old it doesn't get as much attention as something like Fortnite. But please take my initial comments into account when you're asking for Gamepack/script help.

    It may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the community rules again. Thank you.

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