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Topic: Adding an handbrake to DFGT

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    Question Adding an handbrake to DFGT

    Hi guys, I apologies if there is already a thread out there discussing this, but after using the search button, I couldn't find anything that would answer my question. If I've just been oblivious and looked in the wrong threads, please point me there, and just lock this thread and pretend nothing happened.

    I play Dirt 2.0 in a PS4 pro with a logitech driving force GT (using the cronusmax plus). As you can imagine it is pretty annoying to use the handbrake with the O button on the wheel... So I was wondering if there is a way to add an external handbrake (i would like to keep the handshifter for the gears and not use it itself as handbrake).

    I was thinking if maybe there is a way to use a free usb port on my usb hub (now 2 over 4 are used for the DFGT and one to link the joypad as autentication) to add an other device, like a keybord or a mouse. In that case i would create without any problem a mechanical levers sitstem that permit to press this device like an handbrake. Is it that possible?

    I saw on youtube that there is a way to open the wheel an make a kind of electric parallel to move the O button outside the wheel, but the problem is i am not expert at all about this stuff and i am scare to brake it... Do you think it is something difficult to do?

    If you have other solution please let me know.
    I have also seen that it is available the driveHUB, which i guess it is more adapt to my case, but i didn't want to spend so much more...

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    Re: Adding an handbrake to DFGT

    I believe you would need 2 CMs/HUBs/DS4s to perform this, but that is if the console/game supports multiple peripherals per session. So you would need a DS4 to authenticate the wheel, and another DS4/hub/CM to support the handbrake, but like I said, this is in theory and would be highly experimental. The DriveHUB supports an accessory slot for shifter and pedal peripherals, but not sure if a handbrake would be compatible with that solution either, sorry.

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