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Topic: T-LCM pedals

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    T-LCM pedals

    Hello, Are these pedals going to be compatible with the Drive hub?Greetings and thanks

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    Re: T-LCM pedals

    Wow, I'm amazed this thread had no reply from the support team since 28th march 2020, to this day...

    I actually do have the same question. And, as a drivehub owner and costumer, I wish the support could give us some reply.

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    Re: T-LCM pedals

    Took a look at the Thrustmaster manual for these pedals, and it's the wheel base that identifies what pedals have been connected. Since the bases that support this pedal show up in the DriveHub supported list, my feeling is you should be good to go - pedal calibration on a PC and firmware update of the wheel base will still be needed though.


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