I tried posting this about a week ago, but I'm guessing something went wrong and it didn't post?

Either way, my name is Lucas, I have ASD and ADHD and suffer from spatial coordination difficulties and have difficulty with fine motor controls.

My Carer is helping me write this now.

I need somebody to help me in making a script that adds the following;

(Please also note: I'm not sure if the functionality I'm requesting is available)

• Rapid Fire (preferably adjustable)
• Akimbo Rapid Fire (Again, preferably adjustable)
• Burst Fire (Adjustable)
• Auto Hold Breath (Toggle on/off)
• Quickscope (Toggle on/off)
• *Maybe* Anti-Recoil (Toggle on/off)

All the mods, I would prefer if they could be turned on and off with two button presses maybe the D-pad (directional pad) and maybe the A-pad? (Action Pad).

As for adjusting the rapid and burst fire on the fly, I don't know if that is functionally available.

I've tried using other scripts and what not, but they don't seem to work the way I'd like and most include some form of boosted aim assist, which I don't want.

My ability to aim might not be fantastic, but I don't want any help in this regard, the only mod I think I wouldn't mind trying is the Anti-Recoil in this regard, but preferably adding the ability to turn it off and on so I can test to see what works.

I'm going to save a copy of this thread so I can post it again if it doesn't save.

I do hope somebody is willing to help me as I'm old and don't understand most of this stuff.

Yours faithfully,