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Topic: Warzone Help needed

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    Warzone Help needed

    Hi guys. I'm completely new to CM but after reading a lot of threads here I finally managed to get started and get an idea of how everything works. However I'm struggling in 2 things in warzone. I'm using PS4 K&M.
    After I key mapped a new layout and set the mouse settings. I have 2 in-game issues.

    -1st when I'm in a vehicle. To drive forward or reverse I have to use the left and right click of the mouse. Obviously it's because the controller settings this is how you drive a vehicle with L2/R2. But they're also the same buttons to fire and ADS when you're not in a vehicle. How can I change the vehicle driving to just normal WASD?

    2nd- I finally perfected the mouse settings (smoothness, acceleration etc,) and everything is perfect while I'm in game. However. ONLY when I'm jumping out of the plane in warzone (during using the parachute) it's VERY slow to turn around to locate where I'm landing. I literally have wiggle the mouse like 7 times to turn left or right. How can I fix that?.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Warzone Help needed

    why is everythign privete on the forums? please help im so confused

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