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Topic: Console gaming through Steam in home

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    Console gaming through Steam in home

    I want to be able to play PlayStation pro games in different rooms in the house so someone recommended I use a PC and a game capture card and use steam to stream the PC screen to different steam link clients. The problem is how do I control gameplay using steam... is that something Cronus products can help me with?

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    Re: Console gaming through Steam in home

    That is a odd streaming solution but theoretically should be doable, and I would love to see the results of this setup!
    There is plugins in the Cronus software (X-Aim) that streams a PC controller's input to the CronusMax itself. With some configuration you should be able to have X-Aim listen to the controller input received from the remote steam link client.

    Not to discourage using CronusMax as it's an awesome product with a fair amount of different uses, but if you are just looking to stream PS4 only and don't need to stream your PC screen around your house, a easier option to setup might be to use a Playstation TV system instead of steam link and the included remote play to link to your PS4.

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