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Topic: Simple FPS Script, which doesnt exist yet (for Apex)

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    Simple FPS Script, which doesnt exist yet (for Apex)

    Hi everybody,

    im just looking for a simple script, especially for Apex. There are not much up to date Apex scripts out there.

    So here is what iam looking for:

    - Aim Assist for Apex (Crescens sticky aim doesnt work for Apex); Maybe use the itzsnack aim ass, or which works well with Apex
    - anti Recoil with time values, change on fly (like Noozbar ultimate anti recoil script or the AR from from crescens COD MW PAE)
    - 4 AR Profiles

    I was searching for hours a script like that, but i didnt find one... If there is already a script like that, than please send me the link.

    I would be very happy, if someone can help me..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Simple FPS Script, which doesnt exist yet (for Apex)

    Almost nobody is supporting apex legends before, much less with their focus on cronus zen. Best script I found so far is Crescens' master edition apex legends. It has advanced anti recoil (I previously requested someone to add horizontal recoil to his script but to no avail) and 5 AR profiles that automatically switches when you switch gun in-game. The aim assist in this script is outdated (crescens does not support this script anymore). Anyways, aim assist in Apex Legend is ridiculously weak and I doubt a script's gonna make you play much better.

    PS: If anyone's willing to help me add horizontal recoil to crescens' script, please hit me up. Thanks!

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