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Topic: Zen Discord Server Rules & Ettiquette

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    Cronus Community Rules & Etiquette

    We have always been proud of the fact that Cronus is a Community product. This means that the entire ecosystem of Cronus is shaped by you, and hundreds of thousands of Cronus users just like you. All Script and GamePack support is given within the Cronus Community, so you get to speak directly to the actual developers of Zen and any scripts or GamePacks.

    Hundreds of thousands of Cronus are in use by all age groups in multiple countries, so it is important that there are terms and rules as they are essential to an efficient, healthy, productive and safe community

    These are the golden rules of the Cronus Community, which are enforced by community staff members. Failure to comply will get you a warning or worst case, cause your account to be removed from the Discord server and Cronus Forums, so it is extremely important that you read this page carefully, and be sure to type ;agree at the end of the 5 minutes.

    1. Before you ask any questions: We ask that your first familiarize yourself with Cronus Zen's features which are detailed extensively on the website at We also ask that you read the online User Guide at, which includes step by step instructions and an extensive Troubleshooting section that gives you solutions to every possible scenario. Taking a little time to read this info will save you a whole lot of time in the future, and will get you answers much faster than waiting for someone else. Example: Error codes and how to get fix them are answered in the User Guide with an entire page dedicated to it. Asking about an error code that you know nothing about is only highlighting that you haven't read the instructions yet. Do that first, your Cronus experience will be much more enjoyable.

    2. All Community Staff Members Are Unpaid Volunteers: It is important to remember that all staff members in the Cronus Community are unpaid volunteers. They were promoted somewhere along the line as they showed great dedication to helping others. Please treat them with respect at all times and follow any direction they give you.

    3. Post to the Correct Channel: This one is self explanatory. If you have a question about Zen GamePacks, post in the #zen-gamepacks channel. If you want to talk about Mouse & Keyboard, post in the #mouse-and-keyboard channel, post in the Fortnite GamePack support topic. If you have problem with your mouse, post in the Mouse & Keyboard Support section. You get the idea

    4. Details, Details Details: If you have a problem that you need help with, provide as much detail as possible - including controller/mouse/keyboard make and model, gaming system make and model, what device is connected to what Zen usb port (A1, A2, A3, CONSOLE, PROG) and how it is connected (usb cable, wireless adapter, bluetooth). Comments like "It doesn't work", "it won't load", "it's not working right" are pretty useless from a support standpoint.

    5. Members write Scripts for the Community in their own free time: The GPC Script Library may be hosted on our server, but the content is completely updated and managed by members of the Cronus Community. Thousands of MODs and scripts at your fingertips, all developed, maintained, and shared for free, 100% open-source so that EVERYONE is able to join in the fun. No one is paid to write scripts, so remember to be polite and courteous if making a script request and you may get what you ask for. Rude, obnoxious and impatient users will almost certainly not be helped by the community and risk having their account removed. if you have a script request, post it ONLY to the #gpc-script-mod-lollapalooza channel and hopefully one of the awesome members in there will help you with what you need.

    6. Be Kind!: Always be kind and courteous to others. Manners cost nothing and remember many people helping you are not paid staff and are volunteering their time for free, so be please be respectful and patient at all times. Anyone who is rude and abusive to staff or other members of the community will have their accounts permanently removed.

    7. Be Patient: Finally, please remember that this is a community channel, supervised by Cronus staff, but run and maintained by members of the community. You may get a response within minutes, hours or sometimes days - it really depends on your question and if it is something that has already been answered in the user guide, or if you haven't provided enough information making it impossible to assist. Community Members like to see you make an effort with trying to help yourself first. Do that and you'll not only learn quicker, but you'll have a much more enjoyable experience.

    Once your request has been authorized you'll be sent a private link to the Zen Discord server. You will join a room called #start-here which asks you to read these rules and to familiarize yourself with the online Zen User Guide. You must be on the server for more than 5 minutes before you are allowed type a response to the rules bot. You must agree to the rules before gaining full access where you will see all channels and be able to read and post messages.

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