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Topic: Rytec AMR

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    Rytec AMR

    Hi to the Developer,

    can you add the Rytec AMR to the weapon sector Pro.?

    Thank You

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    Re: Rytec AMR

    Could've sworn I added that weapon haha. I'll have to add it for the next update. In the meantime just use the HDR or AX-50, the Rytec AMR should be essentially the same as those in the end.

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    Re: Rytec AMR


    Hope all is well.

    Can you please add the Rytec to the Warzone ProPack?
    Selecting any of the other snipers does NOT work for the recoil via Zen. (aka Dragunov, HDR, Ax-50)

    It would be absolutely amazing if you can mimic the recoil to be as low as when attaching the "XRK Harbinger" Barrel but when using the Zen + the Seven Straight Barrel

    Right now, attaching the XRK Harbinger right removes ability to use suppressor as well as having multiple negatives of bullet velocity , ads etc so it is not viable for warzone.

    Please Help!

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