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Topic: Odd set up with odd hands! Should I?

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    Odd set up with odd hands! Should I?

    I prefer always to use the word "odd" versus "handicapped". "Challenged" is even better.

    Warning first that I am a 74 year old Gamer and as I smile writing this "I am lucid"... Started with driving [DR 2, 4, Cars 2] and on to games. Use to Rally race in the 60's in Europe! Now at home...

    Quickly realized of course I can play some games as long as there is no aiming!... or if the game is taking down leaves blown by the wind!

    So, [no more rambling] my set up is an "Xbox One X" which has a controller I cannot use and in place use the "Razer Turret" [Keyboard and Mouse]. It is designed to sit on a lap which is fantastic for me and I have bumpers on the main keys to help me with a tactile feel. Well... it is a long learning curve which I want to overtake and yet at the same time doing better possibly? The "Gulag" gets old... like me!!!

    The KB+M is wireless when in "game use". The controller [also wireless] is also active when "out of the game" for Xbox controls and also hooked up to my headphones which I have to because of using DTS [better sound] instead of being plugged into the monitor.

    Will the Cronus Zen work with my set up? Will I be able to still use the KB+M wireless or will it have to be wired? [which is possible]. Same with the controller. I pretty much use the set up for "Warzone" as the driving has its own steering wheel and pedal. [incredible technology!]

    And last, honestly not being very "computer literate" the simple question is "is it easy?", are there written steps?

    On a final note, after reading all your rules, much respect to all of you as "this" is how all Forums should be. Sadly they are not!

    Thank You and hoping all this makes some sense.

    Stay well

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    Re: Odd set up with odd hands! Should I?

    Any answers? Xbox One X with Razer Turret Keyboard and mouse? Wired or wireless/bluetooth

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