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Topic: *Warning* to all strikepack users before Zen purchase.

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    *Warning* to all strikepack users before Zen purchase.


    Before you jump straight into the wonderful world of Zen, please take some caution from this message.

    If your using a strikepack on controller, there is a chance that your headsets microphone will not work correctly. This has happend to me and a few others. It will sound robotic, static and inaudible.
    It works for others but there is more than a few of us that it is a terminal issue for, and I have had to send mine back to the seller.

    With the help of the staff I've tried my best to rectify the problem. But unfortunately nothing would work. And my final solution is to send it back.

    So if you use a strikepack and are thinking about Zen. Have some thoughts before you purchase. I hope one day they will fix the problem.

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    Re: *Warning* to all strikepack users before Zen purchase.

    And add next get is not compatible (just yet) they are working on it so don’t expect to jump on and have plenty game pack for next gen everything is new and guys have to build from the ground up

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