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Topic: Am I doing something wrong?

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    Am I doing something wrong?

    I have all of my PS4 in game settings matched to my zen settings. However I almost always have to use a AR value of 135-150 for the recoil to be minimal.

    i continuously see people posting their setups with 80-110 AR values but when I try any those values I get major recoil regardless of weapon.

    also was wondering if the anti recoil works better with aim assist disabled or does it not make a difference?

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    Re: Am I doing something wrong?

    Its debatable whether having aim Assist on or off is the way to go. the in-game Aim Assist setting does interfere with the programmed Anti-Recoil settings, so if you are fairly confident with your aiming it might be better to just use the Anti-Recoil. as for the strength of the recoil, this will change depending on what attachments you are using, also if you have changed your ADS Multiplier from 1.00x then you will definitely need to adjust the AR Strength for each weapon.

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