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Topic: Anti Recoil causing issues with micro movements (M & K)

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    Question Anti Recoil causing issues with micro movements (M & K)

    Hi Guys,

    Set up my zen and everything working great on apex legends with the exception of the anti recoil so im wondering if any one can help diagnose the following issue.

    While the anti recoil works pretty much perfectly at reducing the recoil whilst aiming down sights I'm having an issue when trying to track enemies or make micro movements with my mouse whilst firing down sights. And the strange thing is the problem is still there when I test it on the controller too..

    So when I fire and the anti recoil kicks in as I move my mouse left or right, at certain intervals it's like my aim is locked or "sticky" and I think it may be due to the horizontal recoil control however turning down the anti recoil strength doesn't help at all.. I can break free by dragging my mouse hard but obviously that defeats the object when trying to track enemies.

    Has any one else had this issue or could maybe give any advice? My set up is as follows (remember the problem was still there when doing it on controller though, however I still had everything plugged in)

    Standard dual shock v2,

    logitech g213 prodigy keyboard,

    Razer deathadder v2 @ 20k dpi & 250 polling rate (also tested up to 1000 polling, no change)

    All plugged into xim apex, which is then plugged into controller slot of the cronus zen.

    Everything updated to latest firmware.

    I can upload a video showing visually, exactly what the issue is if it helps, also I play at a pretty high sensitivity.. dont know if that makes any difference

    Any help or guidance appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Re: Anti Recoil causing issues with micro movements (M & K)

    UPDATE - So decided to remove all hardware and try it with just the pad and cronus zen and the same issue persists.. all of my in game settings match that of the cronus zen...

    I have included a video to show exactly what is happening.

    Any help or insight appreciated.. is there a way to contact the people who make these game packs as maybe it's a problem with the pack?? Don't know

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