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Topic: Button shot timing

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    Button shot timing

    I'd like to use the shoot button and timing instead of shot aiming, but when I adjust the timing setting it never changes, it always just releases "slightly late" even if I set the timing option to 1.

    Can someone please help me adjust the timing of the shots?

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    Re: Button shot timing

    I am running into the same problem! It ALWAYS says late of some sort no matter how I adjust the settings. I am trying to use L1 as my shot button. Anyone have an idea of what settings work the best? I go against other people using the same device and they hardly ever miss! My shooting badges are almost all either GOLD or Hall OF Fame. I've spent days trying different things until I caved in and now asking for some sort of help.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, the auto defense never works.

    If I didn't mention it, I am referring to the Cronus ZEN 2k21 Perfect Shot pack not a script. If there is a script that works better I am open to it, I just haven't tried them.

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