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Topic: Xbox One X, Elite Series 2 Connecting

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    Xbox One X, Elite Series 2 Connecting


    I have watched the video and tried multiple things to get my devices to connect.

    I have been unable to get the ZenStudio to recognize my controller.
    I am trying to just do everything wired and simple.

    What I have done is have the Zen connected to my computer, I already upgraded the firmware.

    Next I connect the Xbox to Zen however it does not show the Xbox on the console like it does in the video.

    I also tried connecting the Xbox Elite 2 controller to the Zen to A1 port but the Zen Studio does not seem to recognize the controller or the console. I may be missing a step here but just not sure.

    Thanks for your time

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    Re: Xbox One X, Elite Series 2 Connecting

    Hi Chris,

    I have the same Setup, but working. My experience is:

    The Elite 2 needs a so called Auth Controller to work with Zen. This menat for me. Original Basic controller connected to the Zen on A1. Then the Elite 2 works with Zen/XBOX X.
    Yout need a usb-a to Usb-c that also ist data "compatible". I have heard of issues with data cables that only can be used for Charging. If you connect the Elite to the PC with this cable, Windows sholud show a Pop-Up informing you of the connection. (chime). And last, update the zen to latest firmware.

    My elite is working paired to the Zen via Bluetooth without a problem. Everything shows up in the Tool/monitor. Maybe try this to check if everithing is working.

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