Introducing Our New GamePack Team

As the CronusMAX community increases and our expansion continues, we have committed extra resources into the creation of a new, dedicated Gamepack Development Team.

Before there was one lead developer, and now there are five – all dedicated to bringing you the very latest in GamePack mods for the newest games, and of course on hand to fine tune and update our huge library of GamePacks.

The team consists of FPS and Fighting Pro’s who are also experts in GPC scripting. Every GamePack now goes through a rigorous BETA phase and feedback is closely monitored to make sure that each new GamePack is fully functional at all times and optimized to it’s maximum capabilities.

We hope you enjoy the new GamePacks that we will be releasing in the coming days/weeks – there are some really fantastic features that we know you’ll love, especially in the new Battlefield 1 Pack.

Be sure to post any GamePack Requests or Bug Reports to the forums – there’s now more staff on hand to provide assistance. The more bugs you find the easier it is for us to fix, and the more requests you give, the more chance of it becoming a reality!



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