Just Cause 4 GamePack Released

The Just Cause 4 GamePack has launched!

Rather than use the older, slower gamepack menu system, we’re having a lot more fun with the newly developed Speed Toggle System. This has made using GamePacks so much easier and simpler, where multiple mods can be easily accessed with a quick button press. No extra configuration is required, and it comes with full LED and Rumble indicators to tell you exactley what mods you are using. Several new mods in the Just Cause 4 GamePack are always enabled, and will only activate if their speed toggle is used. This will give the ability to respond faster in games while saving valuable time.

Some of the featured mods include x22DOT’s famous Anti-Recoil Control System, Adjustable Rapid Fire, Auto Sprint, Hair Triggers along with new Speed Toggles for Burst Fire, Jump Rope and a special Parachute combo. 

As always, Cronus brings you the world’s best mods in video gaming!

The Support Topic for the Just Cause GamePack can be found here, where there are plenty of instructions, videos, tips and extra support directly from the developers.

Above all, many thanks to x22DOT for the tireless work he puts into his famous GamePacks.

CronusMAX is also available from our official eBay store – with free USA shipping and discounted shipping rates for the rest of the world!

Now Available In Cronus Pro:


WHAT IS A GAMEPACK? A GamePack gives the full functionality of a modded controller. Simply choose your game and drag it to a CronusMAX PLUS memory slot. After that, select which mods you want to use, including any custom settings and away you go! 

In short, with a massive selection of Mods at your fingertips, the CronusMAX PLUS is perfect for any gamer looking to add an extra edge.

Setting up a GamePack is easy!

Simply select the game of your choice, drag and drop to the Cronus software, enable the mods you wish to use, then select your preferred settings and GO!



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