Cronus Operational Mode

The new Cronus Operational Mode allows you to easily switch between Standard Operational Mode (Normal CronusMAX PLUS functions), Tournament Mode (All Scripts and GamePacks disabled) and PS4 Wheel Edition (Connect any Logitech G25/G27 directly to a PS4 with full Force Feedback Support and all wheel features including pedals and gear shifter support!).
Your CronusMAX PLUS must be upgraded to at least firmware version 1.21 with USB Hub support.
Cronus Operational Mode
Run Cronus Operational Mode
Select and run Cronus Operational Mode from the Cronus PRO tools menu. The Wizard will open and you'll be given 3 options: Standard, Tournament Edition and PS4 Wheel Edition.
Operational Mode Status Bar
The current Operational Mode that your CronusMAX PLUS is programmed with will be displayed here. You can also click this area to load the Cronus Operational Mode Wizard.
2. Operational Mode Status Bar