Wiimote and Extensions

Connecting to an Xbox One

The Authentication system on the Xbox One is a one time process, this means that Authentication is only required once each power cycle of the console, so a USB Hub is not required for Crossover Gameplay on the Xbox One.  However, by using a USB Hub, the Authentication process is simplified and can be almost fully automated each time the console is powered on meaning that you will not have to disconnect and reconnect controllers each time you wish to use your CronusMAX PLUS for Crossover gameplay.
Some Xbox One's still provide power to the USB port when in standby mode, so you'd still have to unplug the USB Hub and reconnect when doing a power cycle. We recommend you use a USB Cable with a power/data switch which makes it fast and easy. These are really cheap and easy to use. You can buy them in our store here.

If you wish to use any other controller other than the consoles native controller, this is known as "Crossover Support". To utilize Crossover Support on the Xbox One you have two options:
Auto Authorization: This is the preferred and most popular method; the ability to connect both the Authentication controller and the gaming controller to your CronusMAX PLUS via a compatible USB Hub at the same time. The advantage is that the security authorization process when powering on the console is much more automated as everything is already connected. If you have an Xbox One console we highly recommend this method.
Remember that even though you are using a USB Hub with multiple USB ports, you can only game with one controller at a time per CronusMAX PLUS. The Second controller connected is used for security authentication only, not for gaming.
Click here for more information on USB Hub Support.
Manual Authorization: If you do not have a compatible USB Hub, Crossover Support works perfectly fine, however you have to manually authorize your controller on every power cycle of the console i.e. connect the CronusMAX PLUS to the console, wait for AU to flash on the LED, connect your Xbox One controller, wait for the LED to change to 0, unplug the Xbox One controller then connect your Crossover Controller (whether it's a wired controller or wireless using a Bluetooth USB Adapter or Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver).
It doesn't take too long but everything is already connected and the process is almost completely automated if you use a compatible USB Hub hence why the AUTO option is strongly recommended.
Once a controller is being used for authentication, it cannot be used as a second controller as the console is not able to detect two controllers with the same security signature at the same time. It must remain connected at all times (if using a USB Hub), or if you are not using a USB Hub, it must remain unconnected to the console while the CronusMAX PLUS is in use, so that the console can recognize that a valid security signature is present. This also keeps the process completely stealth and legitimate on any Xbox Live or PSN service.