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Developer & Manufacturer: Collective Minds

Head Office: Quebec, Canada

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$ 59.95

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Windows PC

XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10

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Collective Minds Introduces a Universal Gaming Device for Serious Gamers

The new CronusMAX PLUS allows almost any controller to be used on any console, allows you to use a keyboard and mouse on any console and also makes pre-modded controllers obsolete for gamers looking for a competitive edge by converting any controller into a fully modded controller without any chips or wires or high dollar cost.


Gamers looking for flexibility over their game controllers should look no further! The new CronusMAX PLUS requires no installation or hardware modification and works with most current gaming systems and controllers.

We are proud to introduce the next generation of game controller adapter with a user customizable device designed to provide players with the ultimate level of gaming control. Gamers can get an edge up on the competition with the CronusMAX PLUS. Features, such as adjustable rate rapid fire, aim assist, and auto spot, drop shot, scoping abilities, easy sprint, and more can be easily added to your gaming controller, where previously were only available on expensive “Modified” aftermarket controllers.

Because of the ability to swap button layouts, gamers will also be able to use the CronusMAX to adjust their controllers to their personal tastes, something especially important to southpaw and disabled gamers.

The CronusMAX PLUS firmware is also the first on the market to allow for PS4 Full Time Crossover Controller support without any timeouts or disconnects, Full PS4 Six-Axis support, Xbox One Elite Controller Support and also includes the ability to add a Bluetooth v4.0 USB adapter for wireless PS4, PS3, Wiimote and Wii U Pro controller support. The included software includes new firmware updates and regular GamePack releases for the latest blockbuster titles at no extra charge.

Not only will gamers have the ability for greater control while playing their games, but there will also be constant GamePack releases through the Cronus Pro software for all upcoming major game titles.

And the features do not stop there; you can also use a keyboard and mouse to play FPS games on all compatible consoles. All CronusMAX PLUS components are specifically designed to provide new updates for new and exclusive features.

About Collective Minds

The CronusMAX PLUS is developed and manufactured by Collective Minds based out of Quebec, with manufacturing facilities in China & Taiwan and distributors all over the world including America, Canada, Europe and Asia. The company has over 20 years experience in the video game industry and are regularly developing new products for the dynamic and ever changing video game market.

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